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Singapore Tae Kwon-Do Gymnasium

Tae Kwon-Do came to our shores in the early sixties. In 1962, the founding of our Gymnasium ( originally known as Singapore Tae Kwon-Do Association) heralded the beginning of our Tae Kwon-Do experience in Singapore.

We treasure the valuable support given to us by local establishments and well-wishers. They provide us with the motivation to progress forward. Our valued exchanges with the TaeĀ  Kwon-Do practitioners all over the world put us in contact with the latest developments in Tae Kwon-Do affairs.

Our Status:

  • Member of The World Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Federation
  • Member of Kukkiwon Membership System ( KMS )
  • Linked to various Chung Do Kwan Organisations worldwide
  • Life members of Chung Do Kwan Korea