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16 Feb 2024

Frontiers statement concerning the article "Cellular functions of spermatogonial stem cells in relation to JAK/STAT signaling pathway", published on 13 February 2024

Thanks to the crowdsourcing dynamic of open science, we promptly acted upon the community feedback on the AI-generated figures in the article "Cellular functions of spermatogonial stem cells in relation to JAK/STAT signaling pathway", published on 13 February 2024. Frontiers has now retracted and removed the article from the databases to protect the integrity of the scientific record.

Photo credit: Keith Arnold

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12 Feb 2024

Gabby Ahmadia - Cutting the strings to parachute science

Dr Gabby Ahmadia is vice president of Area-Based Conservation for the Oceans program at WWF-US, where she oversees science teams working together in priority regions around the globe, from the Pacific to Indian Ocean. We talk about the importance of strong international collaboration and addressing power dynamics to overcome the pervasive practice of parachute science, while also tackling issues of being a woman in science.

Photo credit: Glory Oguegbu

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26 Jan 2024

Glory Oguegbu - The power of the female

Glory Oguegbu is an award-winning climate change activist, working to bring solar power and renewable energy to communities in Nigeria without electricity. Glory is chief executive officer of the Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute (RETTI), founder and executive director of the Glow Initiative for Economic Empowerment, and currently an Obama Scholar at Columbia University. As we approach 2024 exploring the ways in which women’s initiatives are driving to sustain our nine planetary boundaries, and celebrating the UN International Day of Clean Energy, there was no one I’d have more pleasure in talking to, and learning from, than her.

Photo credit: Frontiers

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14 Dec 2023

The Transformed Agreement: German library consortium and Frontiers announce world’s largest fully open access agreement

Frontiers and the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED) have announced the launch of the first transformed framework agreement - a national, fully open access flat-fee deal - for Germany. This landmark agreement is an innovative initiative designed to champion open access to scientific research, and to provide long term budget security for institutions.