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01 Dec 2023

Frontiers for Young Minds articles for kids showcase impact of award-winning math on everyday life 

The first articles in a new collection are written by two mathematicians who have won the equivalent of Nobel prizes in math   Photo credit: Frontiers Frontiers for Young Minds has published a new article collection for kids on the mathematical discoveries of prize-winning scientists. The first two articles feature and explain the ground-breaking math of the 2023 Wolf Prize winner, Ingrid Daubechies – who developed mathematical tools for processing images and signals called ‘wavelets’– and 2005 Gödel Prize and 2022 Shaw Prize winner, Noga Alon – who is renowned for his work on combinatorics, a branch of mathematics dealing with combinations of objects and data.   This is the beginning of a wider collection – Math That Changed The World – showcasing to kids the practical applications of math and the impact it has had on everyday life. From patterns in data and health scans, to creating animated movies and even within astronomy, the researchers show how their work has enabled major breakthroughs for humanity, and that mathematics is more applied than abstract formulas and calculations. And each article has been reviewed by kids aged 8-15 to ensure the concepts are understandable for young readers.  The published articles are […]

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19 Oct 2023

Frontiers for Young Minds and the Gairdner Foundation celebrate health research 

The authors of the scientific articles for kids are recipients of the 2023 Canada Gairdner Awards.  Photo credit: Frontiers Frontiers for Young Minds (FYM), the award-winning, open-access scientific journal for kids, published a new collection of articles on groundbreaking human health research in collaboration with the Gairdner Foundation, a Canadian organization dedicated to recognizing and rewarding major research contributions to future health worldwide.  Established in 1957, the Gairdner Foundation recognizes international scientists for their excellence in fundamental biomedical research that will improve human health. This is done through the Canada Gairdner Awards, a series of eight awards given each year. Since the foundation’s beginning, there have been 418 Gairdner Award recipients from over 40 countries, 98 of whom have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.  The partnership between Frontiers for Young Minds and the Gairdner Foundation is centered around their common goals of openly sharing information and inspiring the next generation of researchers. Through the articles, young readers are able to learn more about the world around them, while the young reviewers also learn about the scientific process. This supports young people in developing confidence and important skills such as critical thinking.  The newly launched collection includes five articles […]

Photo credit: Frontiers

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05 Oct 2023

Frontiers for Young Minds: New partnership launches French-language version of kids’ scientific journal 

Frontiers for Young Minds, an award-winning, non-profit, open-access scientific journal for kids, in partnership with Jeunes Francophones et la Science, has launched a French version as part of a wider strategy to bring accessible, high-quality science to global audiences. The expansion provides free access to scientific articles for 300 million French speakers around the world.  Photo credit: Frontiers Frontiers for Young Minds publishes articles written by renowned researchers and peer-reviewed by children between the ages of 8-15. The young reviewers work alongside the scientists, providing feedback to make sure the articles are engaging and understandable for their peers before publication. The unique review process empowers the young reviewers with a better understanding of the scientific process and provides them with critical thinking skills.  Jeunes Francophones et la Science (JEFS) is a not-for-profit organization that is passionate about communicating quality science to young, French-speaking learners. As part of the partnership, JEFS will translate existing articles into French, support French-speaking researchers in writing original scientific articles for young learners, and introduce the journal’s innovative kid-led peer review process to a network of French-speaking science mentors and schools.   The first group of translated articles focus on microbiology and include:  An Incredible Invisible World: […]

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10 Jul 2023

Ex-World Bank chief economist Dr Asli Demirgüç-Kunt joins Frontiers for Young Minds as specialty chief editor

Image: Asli Demirgüç-Kunt Frontiers for Young Minds welcomes Dr Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, former chief economist of the Europe and central Asia region at the World Bank, as specialty chief editor for their newly re-launched section on mathematics and economics. With over 30 years of experience at the World Bank, Dr Demirgüç-Kunt will bring a new understanding of economics to kids all over the world.  Laura Henderson, Head of Public Outreach at Frontiers for Young Minds said: “I’m excited to welcome Dr Demirgüç-Kunt and add a new focus into our journal. Economics is vital to the understanding of everything from our day-to-day purchases to our global power dynamics, building from the underlying theories of mathematics to real-world applications. It’s crucial for making sense of our world systems and for improving our future. We are proud that she has chosen to work with us to make this new section scope a huge success.”   Dr Demirgüç-Kunt said: “I am excited and honored to join Frontiers for Young Minds. It is a great opportunity to spark interest in the next generation of young economists and motivate them to make the world a better and fairer place for all.”  Frontiers for Young Minds is an award-winning, […]

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26 Apr 2023

Frontiers for Young Minds: Chinese speakers are the latest audience to access high-quality science for kids 

Photo credit: Frontiers Chinese speakers can now access a growing catalog of Frontiers for Young Minds scientific resources as part of the journal’s expansion into new languages.   The launch in China is part of a wider strategy to bring high-quality, understandable science to kids, teens, teachers, and the public globally. Five articles written by Nobel Prize laureates will be featured in the first Chinese-version launch, with more content coming in September.  Frontiers for Young Minds is an award-winning, non-profit, open-access scientific journal for kids. Leading scientific authors re-write their previously peer-reviewed published articles to be accessible to young readers, and then young reviewers aged 8-15 review them to be engaging for their peers, before the new articles are widely disseminated online. Its broad subject areas of publishing cover the whole of STEM: Astronomy and Physics, Biodiversity, Chemistry and Materials, Earth Sciences, Human Health, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Psychology, Engineering and Technology. Frontiers for Young Minds’ mission is to inspire and engage the next generation of scientists and citizens by publishing fun-to-read science that is globally accessible to all.   Hundreds of articles are already available in Hebrew and Arabic, with French coming later in 2023 and plans underway for Spanish, […]