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30 Nov 2023

Quality of life with a hernia: a novel patient-led study in JAWS 

Frontiers publishing partnerships guest post  As part of its commitment to patient engagement, the Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery (JAWS), one of Frontiers community of publishing partners, published a patient-led study on the impact of hernias on patients’ quality of life. Credit: Frontiers Abdominal wall hernia is a common disorder that usually requires elective surgery. Within hernia research, generic tools are often used to assess patient’s quality of life, but these do not always capture the specific concerns faced by abdominal hernia patients. Authored by both patients and medical professionals, this paper covers new ground by addressing gaps in knowledge, assessing the full impact of the disorder, and exploring whether existing quality-of-life life tools are adequate.  Susannah Hill is the article’s lead author and a hernia patient herself. She was asked to present the patient’s perspective on living with a hernia at the European Hernia Society (EHS) conference in 2022. After positive feedback from the audience, Hill received suggestions to publish the data in the Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery.  “I wanted to raise awareness that hernias can be much more than physical, they can also impact personal relationships and mental health. Because these topics are usually glossed over in […]

Publishing partnerships

30 Nov 2023

ADAR Editor in Chief debunks common myths on substance abuse disorder

Frontiers publishing partnerships guest post Advances in Drug and Alcohol Research (ADAR) is a hub for new discoveries in preclinical and clinical research around drug and alcohol addiction. The journal, which joined Frontiers’ publishing partnerships community in 2021, brings together scientists and clinicians from across the globe to discuss current and new challenges in drug addiction research. Credit: Frontiers In this guest post, ADAR Editor in Chief Dr Emmanuel Onaivi highlights and counters some common myths about substance abuse disorder.  Substance abuse remains a global epidemic, worsening when COVID-19 lockdowns led to increased drug and alcohol consumption, and opioid overdoses. As with mental health care more widely, to address the challenges of managing and curing addiction, it is vital to translate innovative research into patient care. Misconceptions about substance abuse disorder have a detrimental effect on patients and their social networks. It is essential to recognize this as a serious health concern which requires appropriate intervention to address underlying factors and promote recovery. Preventing and curing drug and alcohol addiction requires a similar approach to the one used for other mental health and neurological disorders, and it is important to publicly address common myths.  Myth: prescription drugs are not addictive  […]

Publishing partnerships

21 Nov 2023

Frontiers celebrates first open access publishing agreement in Japan 

Gold open access publisher Frontiers will publish the Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (JCIA) under a new agreement signed with the Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (JSCIA). The agreement marks Frontiers’ first publishing partnership in Japan. Credit: Frontiers JCIA publishes high quality peer-reviewed research on a wide range of topics in the field of dermatology. With a particular emphasis on cutaneous immunology and allergy, the journal covers everything from molecular studies to clinical investigations and observations. As the official journal of JSCIA, it serves as an international forum for the work of all skin researchers and dermatological scientists.  Professor Norito Katoh, president of the Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy, commented on the agreement saying: “We are excited for the transition of the Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy to Frontiers. The study of skin immunity and allergies has come a long way in recent years, resulting in new treatments for patients. Open access allows new research to reach global scientific communities and further advance treatment options.”  JSCIA will join Frontiers’ growing community of publishing partners in the field of biology and medicine, including the Polish Biochemical Society, the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, the Biomedical Research Center of the […]

Publishing partnerships

07 Nov 2023

Frontiers publishing partnerships update – autumn 2023

The latest news on our collaborations with scholarly societies. Credit: Frontiers Welcome from Robyn Mugridge, head of publishing partnerships The publishing partnerships team saw a continued growth trend in our community of partners. Submissions to our partner journals have continued to go up with a 27% increase on the same period last year. So far this year, our portfolio of partners has published 15% more reviews and 150% more special issues than last year. We welcomed new associate editors, bringing our team up to 441. Our teams have also started to roll out an enhanced communications package to increase journal awareness and visibility, achieving over 40 million social media impressions to date. Welcoming community partnerships  We’ve expanded our program to include community partnerships. This is a novel program for societies who wish to partner with an established Frontiers journal and collaborate on publishing projects which may benefit their members.  Through our tailored community partnership offering, we provide societies with new opportunities to connect with the global research community, the work done by our society partners.  Do you know who we partner with?  This year we have developed our connections in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Building on a shared commitment […]

Credit: Frontiers

Publishing partnerships

14 Sep 2023

Frontiers launches new section in partnership with the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics 

Gold open access publisher Frontiers and the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), a renowned biomedical and educational non-profit organization, have signed a new agreement aimed at advancing brain mapping and therapeutics research.   Credit: Frontiers Building on a shared commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and driving scientific discovery, Frontiers and SBMT are joining forces to create a forum to showcase the work of researchers, clinicians, engineers, policy makers and experts from diverse backgrounds.  The collaboration will result in the launch of a new ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ section within Frontiers in Neurology and Frontiers in Psychiatry. The section will make a significant contribution to the understanding and treatment of brain disorders and, coupled with SBMT’s expertise in translational research and global neurotech policy, has great potential to bring direct benefit to patient care.  The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics fosters interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration through the Neuroscience20 initiative of the G20 summit including the African union. It connects a global network of over two hundred and fifty thousand researchers and clinicians in the promotion of scientific discovery, education, and translational medicine. Its members’ work impacts patient care for Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, several types of brain […]

Publishing partnerships

24 Mar 2023

Frontiers institutional partnerships update – spring 2023

The latest news on our collaborations with research institutions, libraries, consortia, and funders. Welcome from Frank Hellwig, Institutional Partnerships Development Manager The first months of 2023 brought several key additions to our community of institutional partners. Through these new partnerships, as well as through our longstanding relationships with many other institutions, we are pleased to be able to support a growing number of researchers, librarians, and consortiums in the global transition to open access. As of spring this year, we are happy to report that more than 650 institutions worldwide now benefit from partnership agreements with Frontiers. We look forward to welcoming more partners throughout the year, and, as our community grows, we will continue to work to better understand the preferences and needs of institutions and researchers. New partnership announcements We have announced several new partnerships and renewals over recent months. World Economic Forum Frontiers has entered into a new partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF). As part of the new agreement, Frontiers will join the WEF’s Centre for New Society and Economy and champion open science across the network. Norway national deal Norway renewed its national agreement with Frontiers. The deal, which covers 36 institutions and research […]

Publishing partnerships

18 Oct 2022

Frontiers to publish European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy

The European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) has announced a new partnership with open access publisher Frontiers. Frontiers will now publish ENCATC’s open access journal, the European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, on its award-winning open access publishing platform. The partnership was finalized in May 2022. The journal’s archive will be transferred to Frontiers publishing platform and the first new articles are expected to be published by the end of the year.   Photo credit: Frontiers Editor-in-chief Professor Fabio Donato said: “The European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is fully committed to open access, a policy which will be central to scientific development in the coming years in Europe and beyond. Through this agreement, we will continue pioneering the promotion of ground-breaking research that helps advance the cultural and creative sectors.” The European Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, which aims to stimulate debate on cultural management and policy, was launched in 2011. Connecting theory and practice in the cultural sector, it is known for highlighting multidisciplinary perspectives and providing an impactful venue for experts in the field. It is currently indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)-Web of Science and ERIH Plus-European Reference Index for the […]

Publishing partnerships

07 Oct 2022

Working with societies – join us in conversation with Society Street

How can publishers best support societies in the increasingly complex landscape of scholarly publishing? Frontiers’ head of publishing partnerships, Robyn Mugridge, will join a panel of scholarly publishing experts from across the industry to discuss this, and other key questions, during an online conversation on publishing, societies, and open access on Tuesday 11 October.   Organized by Society Street, a forum for leaders and future leaders of scholarly societies, the online discussion will be the second in a two-part series for and about society publishers. The panel, which also includes representatives from Elsevier, MDPI and Wiley, will reflect on the direction of society publishing, the challenges facing societies, and the ways that societies and their publishing partners can respond to these together.  Frontiers’ head of publishing partnerships, Robyn Mugridge, said ‘As a representative of a fully gold open access publisher, I am pleased that Frontiers is able to contribute to this fantastic event, aimed at supporting societies. Society publishing is evolving rapidly, and it is critical for publishers to be fully and directly engaged in conversations about the issues that matter most to our society partners. Thanks both to Society Street and my co-panellists for creating a forum for this valuable […]

Publishing partnerships

08 Sep 2022

Back ‘in-person’ at the ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards

Our Publishing Partnerships team is pleased to announce that they will be attending the upcoming Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) annual conference and awards. The conference, which will take place 14 – 16 September in Manchester, UK, is the first major face-to-face event the association has held since 2019. Frontiers is proud to be sponsoring this landmark occasion as a Gold Sponsor.  Since the last ALPSP conference in 2019, Frontiers Publishing Partnerships has grown significantly. We now partner with 12 societies, seven of whom we have supported through the transition to Frontiers and open access publishing. We have collaborated with five partners to launch new open access journals, including the Geological Society of London’s journal Earth Science, Systems and Society and the European Hernia Society’s journal, Journal of Abdominal Wall Surgery. We have also supported our partners to open their archive publications – representing a total of more than 10,000 articles, which were previously behind a paywall that are now available under the gold open access model with Frontiers. At the end of 2021 we announced a partnership with Zhejiang University Press, our first publishing partnership in China, and we look forward to announcing new partnerships in […]